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Scott B. Martin, PhD says: “Regular exercise and physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, improves the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of cognitive functioning by improving attentional focus and concentration”.

This is why you should consider one of our corporate fitness retreats; have fun whilst getting fitter to improve your job performance!

How exercise makes you better at your job


It Makes You More Efficient

Exercising for a minimum of 150 minutes a week means you will focus better whilst at work, and achieve a 15% overall boost in work productivity.


It Makes You More Creative

Exercise promotes a more mentally balanced, self-controlled, less stressed, approach to work, which is necessary to creative thinking. Did you know, athletes perform better than non-athletes when asked to think outside of the box.


It Boosts Your Brain

Exercise boosts areas of your brain responsible for social interactions, memory, navigation, and emotion regulation.


It Makes You More Confident

Fit employees have a more positive body image and higher self-confidence, which inspires others to see them in more positive ways.


It Reduces Work Stress

When researched, those who exercise more report less stress issues to their managers.


It Decreases Your Risk of Job Burnout

Exercise produces a protein called PGC-1alpha, which breaks down kynurenine, a substance that accumulates as a result of stress. This in turn reduces the risk of depression and job burnout.


It Makes You More Flexible

Those who do yoga and other stretching exercises have shorter reaction times to switching tasks than those who don’t. This means in turn you will have an easier time adjusting to new tasks at the office.


It Helps You Process Information Faster

Numerous studies have linked faster walking speed to faster mental processing. So don’t slow down, in fact the slowing of gait speed may predict mental decline.


It Makes You Resilient

Athletes deal with three types of stressors being personal, organisational, and competitive. The psychological benefits of exercise – namely positivity, motivation, confidence and focus – helps them push past the stressors to reach their goals. Thus this perserverance and resilience, the ability to push past stressors, can serve you well at the office.

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